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On December 5th, 2017, a graduate of Bridges sent us an update on her life journey. This is her story and she wants to share it with you. She writes:

“I started Bridges in May of 2016, when I was at my lowest low, I had recently left the man I thought I would spend my life with, even with the abuse, I was scared to leave. I was scared of him and was terrified to be a single mom of 4. I had lost my kids for 3 years due to his behaviour, and learned to make excuses for him and why he was the way he was.

I walked in and met with an intake counselor, told her a little glimpse into my life and she told me I would benefit from there program, I started that afternoon. I was so nervous as I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t want to share my war stories, cause I didn’t want to seem dumb for staying in the situation. I walked in and met some really wonderful, understanding people…people just like me.. people who became my family.  Through my duration at Bridges I learned it was OK to say no and to stand up for myself…and that NO was a complete sentence. Through many sessions with my trauma counselor, some were good, some were hard, and she was so understanding, compassionate, and genuine. I never felt like I was being judged for the things that were going through my head, or the things that had happened in my life that I thought were normal. I started piecing my broken puzzle back together..(Absolutely love my counselor) I grew a backbone.. I was contacted by my ex and took him back over and over again, with promises he was going to get better.. I finally had enough when I looked and saw all the work I was doing to make my life better for my kids and I, I finally walked away from him. It was a huge relief, like a million pounds had been lifted off my shoulders.

I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without the help I received from bridges. I graduated from bridges in Nov 2016 and thought to myself… now what.. I was contacted by the Bridges employment counselor in February of 2017, and she told me she could help me get funded for school…. OMG. I can’t do school. I have 4 kids, I don’t have time… but I listened.. I attended every Friday and worked my butt off… I went to Sprott Shaw and talked to the student advisor.. told him my situation and he told me about this wonderful health care course that I would be so great at. So I got the papers and brought them the employment counselor.. it was aloooot of work… and we didn’t think id make it for the April cut off for my class. The employment counselor was such a great help.. she kept kicking my butt to get things done. I was so frustrated with all the paperwork, I almost gave up.. all I kept thinking was geez woman I’ve done this stupid paper 5 times, and you’re telling me to do it again. I look back now and am thankful that she rode me to do it over, and over, and over again. We handed in my stuff for funding a week and a half before my wanted start date… hoping and praying that I would be accepted. I got a call from Amber society April 14th at 2pm. I had to make my way downtown by 4 to sign the papers. We did it!!!

I recently finished my course Nov 17th.. I couldn’t have done any of my journey without the help from bridges.. I’ve never met more compassionate, caring and understanding people in my whole life. I can’t thank you guys enough.


Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring others.

The Bridges Team

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