While COVID-19 precautions are in effect, Bridges programs and intake interviews will be delivered online.

We will announce plans to resume in-person program delivery at our Victoria and Westshore offices as soon as it is advisable. All clients will be notified of any upcoming changes. 

Step 1: Enquire

You do not need a referral to apply or ask about our programs.  Please contact our office at (250) 385-7410 or email info@bfws.ca to find out about what program will work for you.  We aim to respond to all inquiries within three business days.

Who can apply?

Our programs are open to all women (transgender and cisgender), non-binary, and two-spirit people who identify as part of the women’s community and who have been impacted by violence or trauma at any time in their lives. To get the most out of our programs, women are individually assessed and need to:

  • be out of crisis
  • be out of an abusive relationship and not be actively engaged in crisis level disputes with abuser(s)
  • have taken any necessary legal steps to ensure safety (restraining order, peace bond)
  • have safe living conditions
  • have children settled in school/daycare
  • if alcohol or drugs have been a problem for you, have the motivation and supports to abstain from substance use during your time in our program, and have managed to abstain from substance use for several months prior to starting the program
  • and have clear motivation for change, learning, employment, volunteering or education

Step 2: Assessment

An interview will determine your eligibility for one of our programs. We will help you determine areas of your life that need support and accompany this with community referrals, including an assessment of your technology needs if you will be participating in our online programs. If needed, we can help you make a plan to pursue personal development elsewhere before attending one of our programs.

Step 3: Intake

Once assessment is complete and eligibility is determined, we will find a program that is right for you. If you are eligible, we ensure your personal support system requirements are in place to register you in a classroom, match you up with a counselor, and provide you with the next steps.