60 for 60 – Celebrate, Inspire & Give Back with Otti Brown

This year, Otti will be walking the Goodlife Marathon here in Victoria, on October 8, 2017, to celebrate her 60th birthday, to inspire others to reach for their goals, and, most importantly, to raise awareness and funds for Bridges for Women Society.
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60 for 60:

For Otti Brown, there is always more than one way to reach your goals. She is reaching hers as she celebrates her 60th anniversary: to walk a marathon. Her reason for walking the marathon is to inspire others to reach their goals, not matter their age or ability, and to help give back to women in her community. She is encouraging you to pledge today, as she aims to reach 60 pledges for her 60th birthday! 

All pledges will be donated to Bridges for Women programs to help women, impacted by violence and abuse, reclaim their lives and grow a strong, independent future.

Inspired to join her in the marathon? Click on the ‘join as an individual’, on the pledge sheet, and start your pledge page to fundraise for Bridges.

Pledge your support today! (click to pledge)

About Otti:

Otti Brown lives in beautiful Victoria, BC with her husband and two teenage daughters, having moved here in July 2016 from Revelstoke. Otti has worked with WCG Services since March of 2012 and has been involved in workforce development and human resources for over thirty years. Otti believes that a big part of her work is being involved with and supporting the community where she lives. In Revelstoke, she was part of the Rotary Club for several years and volunteered every week at the Revelstoke Animal Shelter with her daughters for seven years. Otti has seen first-hand, through her work and through lived experience, the amazing benefits of programs like Bridges for Women. She has always wanted to “do a marathon” and had hoped to run it; health issues precluded that. There is, however, more than one way to achieve a goal and Otti is an avid walker!

May 28th marks the official start of her 19-week training program – she is kicking it off by walking the “Kool Oak Bay 10k.”  You can follow Otti’s training progress on WCG’s Facebook at facebook.com/wcgservices.

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